Paul Mekailian writes evocative and captivating music in many genres, ranging from Classical and Jazz, to Pop and Hip Hop beats. His versatility as a composer stems from his appreciation for and engagement with many different musical styles throughout his life. 

Paul was born in San Diego, California, but spent the majority of his childhood in the United Arab Emirates. The musical influence of this culture, as well as that of Paul's Armenian heritage, can be heard throughout his music.

In his early teenage years, Paul taught himself piano, and began composing short melodies on his own. By his mid-teens, he was composing larger and more elaborate pieces, eventually leading him to shift his primary focus from percussion performance to music composition. 

Towards the end of his high school years, Paul received honors and awards from multiple composition programs and competitions, both at the regional and national level, including the L.A. Philharmonic Associate Composer Program, the Young Musicians Foundation (YMF), the Sunset Chamberfest, NEXTNOTES American Composer Forum, and the National YOUNGARTS Foundation. More recently, he has had several of his works published by TUX People's Music Publishing, the scores of which can be found and purchased at JW Pepper, Sheet Music Plus, Pender's Music Co., and Midwest Sheet Music. 

Paul is a recent graduate of UCLA with a degree in Music Composition. He has scored for multiple different types media, including films, video games, theater productions, and movie trailers. During his time in college, Paul also worked as a mentee for Film/TV composer Michael Levine (MPath Tracks), as well as an assistant for TV composer Chris Wirsig (Counter Communications). Since his graduation in June of 2020, he has been operating as a fully-independent composer and musician, trying to find work in the world of video game music and film scoring.